Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas

     Hey, everyone! Can you believe another Christmas has come and gone already? It's INSANE!!! Personally, I think this Christmas was the BEST! (Yet!)

     Anyway, have you heard of Marty Chan's new(ish) book, Demon Gate? I wanted to do a blog about this for a while, actually, but I wanted to read his other books first, but some of them haven't arrived at the library yet. Plus, I wanted to do this blog before 2013 ended. So, Demon Gate is the first in the Ehrich Weisz Chronicles. Actually, I'm kinda sad it took me this long to blog about his book launch, back on November 26.

      Anyway, Marty put on a good magic show while explaining his book. He did this magic trick where he got a girl in the audience to wave her hand over two chalk boards to reveal Ehrich Weisz is also Harry Houdini! I helped him put on hand cuffs and took the keys. He got out like Harry Houdini did. It was really cool!

     But the coolest thing he did (and I apologize for not having a picture) was when he got out of a straight jacket! It took a few tries, since it was a rather tight fit and got stuck only once, for a moment or two, but if Harry could do it, Marty could too. Good Christmas reference, right? Anyhow, when he got out we all applaud, and he read us some of his book. I won't share to much detail, but it is SUPER McBOSSNESS!! He made a high tech bowler hat like in the book, and it looked pretty cool!

     Marty signed my book, too! It read, "To Oscar, a great assistant and an amazing person!"
     Here is a picture with me and Marty. I hope you get a chance to read it too. Before I forget, did everyone have a good holiday? My Christmas wish was for people to stop shark finning because...



Monday, November 18, 2013


Hey everyone! Geez, can you BELIEVE how LAZY I've been?! No blog since September 8th!! That's like... Uh... Bear with me I'm counting... Does 2 months and 10 days sound right to you? WOW!! 2 MONTHS and 10 DAYS!!!!! Well, in my defense I've been at school learning... Stuff. Yeah. Also, not much happened in 2 months and 10 days.

Anyway, as you can tell by the title, I've got something important to say. Okay, first, picture yourself as a cow. Your living a happy life. La la la. Then the farmer randomly takes you  to a wooden barn- like place and... BLAM! Your a hamburger.

So, did that make you feel weird? Getting turned into a hamburger made you feel weird, right? Well, if you think you as a metaphorical cow getting turned into a metaphorical hamburger is bad, how do you think a REAL cow feels about getting turned into a REAL hamburger???

That is why I have gathered you all here to day for. I am now a PESCO-VEGETARIAN!!! I know what your thinking... "WHAT THE HECK IS A PESCO-VEGETARIAN?!?!??!!" Well, it's a vegetarian, that is cool with eating fish. So that TOTALLY ties in with me being against animal cruelty and ALL ABOUT sustainable sea food. To learn more go to:

This is just like the moon landing. "It's one small step for an eleven year old kid, one giant leap for eleven year old kid-kind." Well, not EXACTLY like the moon landing, but it's close enough.

Oh! One more thing. This is my lifestyle choice. I'm not letting anyone change that. 

                        SHARKS AREN'T SCARY, THEY'RE JUST DIFFERENT!!!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Canadian Country Music Fanfest

Hello, everybody! Did anyone go to the Canadian Country Music Fanfest? If you did, hope you had a great time and if you didn't go, I'll tell you all about it!

      So me and Dad went to the place at the Shaw conference center and we walked around. We entered a contest, looked at the prize, and then the concert started. We started out with everyone else. Then dad gave me his phone and he let me go to the media place. (I was borrowing dad's media pass)

      After a few songs, Michelle Wright said "There's a young boy over here in the media area and I just feel he is have a truly good time listening to our music. Do you enjoy writing music, singing or dancing?"  I said "Sure." They all laughed. A few songs later Aaron Pritchett said "The youngest media person I've ever seen is down here. I mean he's like 10 and he's there taking pictures and just rockin' out. Why don't you come on up here?" So he pulled me up on to the stage and I got to take some pictures from there. I bet you want to see the pictures I got from the stage? Here they are!


Bet no one has seen a picture of Jason Blaine like this before!

This is a picture @frasercattle took of me when I was taking the picture above. LOL

Embedded image permalink

This is me with everybody! Yay!

This is me and Jason, Michelle, Aaron and Charlie. And this is my signed media pass!

                      Charlie and Jason                                                                       Michelle                     

I had a great time! Hope you guys did!(If you went)


Monday, September 2, 2013


As you can see, I am practicing my Darth Vader voice.
No not really. I was saying NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO because I've gotta go back to school.
This time, I kid you not. This day shall be remembered as: "The day school took over 400 children prisoner." I am prepared, though. I will be equipped with a purple back pack (and matching lunch kit) and an Origami Yoda. With these tools, I will defeat the FUNTIME MENACE!!! Not really but if boringness finds it's way into school (and I'm sure it will) I will be ready.

 Oh! I just remembered something you guys might want to hear... I WON MY PIKACHU!!!!!! We went to Calaway Park and I saw a game. A game just like the one at K Days. But not lame. It had 3 targets instead of 1. You had to play to get 150 points. The grand prize was... A PIKACHU!!! Lauryn and I played it, and I almost lost. The guy next to me had 140. But, I got to 150 before him! And I WON MY PIKACHU!!! I decided to name him Pika.

Well, I hope you (or your kids) are ready for back to school!


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Just wow

Why is there so much hate in the world? You know the kid who got sent that letter from that evil, hateful person? That's what I'm talking about. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT GUY?!!?!?!!?!?!?!?!!??! If you're reading this WHY WOULD YOU DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT!?!?! Why is there so much hate in the world? Don't treat people like that everyone. The same goes for sharks.


Talk to Oscar.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comments of this post. I will answer them as soon as I can. Thanks for reading this one. (I got the idea from Thanks Tom.)


Tuesday, July 30, 2013


It's one thing that happens all the time. Do something nice you get good Karma. Like I did. One of the ladies at the No Frills store near where my grandparents live, didn't have a loonie for a cart, so I gave her mine and she said she had a dollar, but not in one coin. I told her she could keep her money, and she said "Thank you." I knew it would cause good karma for me. And then there's Lauryn. I said I wouldn't help her with Poptropica a zillion times because I already helped her a zillion and one times. She freaked, I made coupons, because I did a zillion and one things, so I made the 5 coupons. They were small things, and now that I think about it, they were kind of stupid. I'm going to rip them up. BRB.

Anyway, she was freaking out with that. At first she thought it was okay, but I  said no to helping her with Poptropica, and she flipped a cup holder and ran off, so flipping tables=bad karma. Thanks for reading. Bye.

               Sharks aren't scary, they're just different.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

K Days Experience

Hey everyone! I hope you had fun at K-Days yesterday, because I had a great time!!!!! I shall tell you about it from the beginning! So, once my family, Mom, Dad, Lauryn and I got to K-Days we say right off the bat some AWESOME RIDES! The first one was called the Sling Shot and the other was the called the Skyscraper. I didn't go on either because of the lines...Yeah,that's it...Lines... Anyway we walked around for a bit and we played some games like that one where you squirt water at the target and the stuffed whatever goes up? Well, I played the game and I almost won a stuffed Pikachu! It was SO awesome! I really wanted it, so Mom, Lauryn and I played the game and I ALMOST got that Pikachu, but I lost. The sign said every kid that plays got a prize, so maybe there was hope for me yet! WRONG! I got this cheap plastic sword that you can get for 50 cents at the dollar store, and before we even left the game it broke. Dad said I must be thinking "That's not what FAIRS ARE ABOUT! THERE IS NOTHING FAIR ABOUT THIS! THEY SHOULD CALL IT AN UN-FAIR!!!" He was right.

After that Mom got a Double Bacon Corndog. Here's a link:

I was kinda REALLY glum after I tried really hard to win something that I didn't get and instead, I got a crappy little plastic sword, and all the rest of the day I saw people walking around with stuffed Pikachu's and Minions. Dad and I went to the sports stuff and it was sort of neat. I would have been more into it if I got my Pikachu... Anyway after, we went to the farm place, and it was pretty neat. I rode a mechanical bull!!!

My little sister, Lauryn rode it, too! Watch this HILARIOUS video.
Yeah... Anyway, this is me with an ancient snail. Just so you know, the only animal I like more than snails is sharks.

I made a hand out of wax. These pictures show me dipping my hand in really hot wax and the second is me with 7 layers of hot wax and the last is the colour being added.

This is me and my little in the wheel of a GIANT HUGE MEGA tractor. It was so big I called it Crop Digger. you know... Like Grave Digger... Oh never mind.

That is a link to me being an anchor with

Daryl Mcintyre!!!!!!!

It was so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! It was such an honer. Well, that just about covers it so until next time...

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

OMG! I think I broke a world record!

Hey everyone! As you see, the title for this post implies that I might have broken a world record. You must be thinking,"That is AWESOME!! But... What record?" Well, I think I broke the record for smallest origami Yoda and Clone Trooper! Take a look at the photos below.

If you couldn't see, in the first picture, they're next to a piece of rice and in the second one, they're on a dime. THAT is small!

Stooky, right? Hope your summer has been totally rockets so far. Peace!



It's the name of my origami shop and what I call any origami I create. Like, come up with the instructions. Now I show you my... WAIT! Do you hear read that? DANANANANANANANANANA...BATMAN!!
That is right! today is the day I post the instrux (short version of instructions) for the CAPED CRUSADER!
Here they ARE!!!! I thought a bird base was folding and un-folding up, down and from each corner. Where it says "Pull down" make a pleat. To learn what the heck that is, Google it.
Dear D.C comics, I only borrowed Batman for the name of this origami. I had no intention of stealing him, so I am sorry the Joker got away. :(
Anyway, enjoy folding! Also check out these instrux for my oz-igami Snow Trooper. Again, this time to George Lucas, I am sorry, Vader's empire was one trooper short. Note: At the beginning, don't fold corners like a paper airplane. Use picture aids.

Enjoy this one too! If you think you did an awesome job, post it in the comments. Peace out!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

School's out!!!!!!!!!


Sorry I just needed to let that out 'cuz... Wait for it...Wait for it...


 I can not believe it! It feels like yesterday I sat in my chair doing a math test. Uhh, just the thought of math makes me want to... Do some math.

 Well, I did my year end Shark Presentation for the grade 2's and it went good. The only thing that went wrong was when I was handing out candy to the grade 2's that answered the questions right. I didn't hand it out instantly when they got them right because I forgot the candy in my classroom and had to go back and get it after. I handed it out to the kids I knew got the questions right, but the last person who was supposed to get a candy didn't get one because 7 kids had there hands up for who got the last question right, and when I asked them to be honest and put up their hands again, all 7 put their hands up. So no candy for the last kid. As I left I heard the teacher say that she was disappointed. And one of the kids called me Austin, but that didn't matter. Well, thanks for reading and come back for more later over the break! Bye!


I got the book I wanted!!!

Hey everyone! I got Art2-D2's guide to folding and doodling!!!
As you can see, this  is not the one I bought, but this is what it looks like.

I did a lot of the activities and I want you to see this one thing I did using the instructions in the book. It is HIGHLY addictive and I can't stop playing with it!

Pretty neat, right? I bet you're thinking "Oscar, WHY is the part you twist on a Chap Stick sticking WAY out?" Well, if you are then I don't blame you. It's a Chap Stick rocket. See, you press SLAM on the twisty thing and the cap goes flying. It is SO COOL!! Guess what? I am gonna post instructions for origami Bat Man soon!! Isn't that awesome? So, stay tuned! Oh and this is my 55th blog post! I just thought I'd say that because I forgot on the 50th.


Monday, June 24, 2013

RR&B (Rest, Relaxation and Blogging)

My family got new chairs for our deck, which my parents just stained. It looks pretty neat. Here, you can check it out yourself.

So anyway, we got our new zero gravity chairs set up (no they don't float) and they are SO cool! They have a recliner, and they call them zero gravity chairs because it feels like you are actually FLOATING!
Anyway, this is a link to me sitting in my new chair:



         I heard the music teacher teaching the grade two's song that are very strange. Songs about shark attacks and shark fishing. The shark attack one goes "Baby shark dodo dodo dodo. Mama shark dodo dodo dodo. Papa shark" And so on. Then it goes "People swimming dodo dodo dodo." Then shark attack and lost my arms then legs then head then now I'm drowning. The other song went something like this. " 'Insert guys name here' went a fishing for a shark but only got his old fishing line. The he went a fishing for a big great white but only got his old fishing line." And so on. Crazy right?

          I couldn't just sit there and listen. So I wrote this and reminded myself to blog about it after school. So I did and here I am now. So that was just one of the kinds of things that aren't good for the shark's rep.


Thursday, June 13, 2013


I AM SO AWESOME!!! I came up with my own Origami Batman Instructions!!! I am not going to show them (at least not until summer) because I have my origami shop. Anyway, this is me and Batman. The origami one.

Yeah. I know what your thinking... THAT IS THE BEST BATMAN I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!!!!!!!
I will post a better picture of him during Summer. Until then, if you like this kind of stuff, go to This place has ALL sorts of neat origami. See you next time! 


Saturday, June 8, 2013

Bad Gym Class=Good Lessons

Oh my GOD!

My gym class yesterday was REALLY BAD!

It started pretty good, but... actually, I think I SHOULD tell you the whole thing.

We walked to gym class as usual, but had if I known how it was going to be... I'm not sure. We got to the gym doors and everyone was acting like a zombie, scratching at the door. When everyone un-zombified, the teachers let us in, but told us to do our laps like a zombie. It was fun crashing into stuff and moaning, "BRAINS!!!!!BRAINS!!!!!"  but when we were told to come back and we were told what to do, well, everyone was still having fun.

We played King's Court Dodge ball, and it was sort of fun. FOR THE FIRST THREE ROUNDS!!! We had, in the first round,  Boys & Girls V.S  Girls & Boys and my team  won. Then we had Boys V.S Girls. We won the first two  rounds but, then the other teacher called all the girls over to talk. We thought that was a good idea, so we 'huddled up' and there was a lot of words coming from different mouths, but they all started with GET OUT THERE AND...
  2. HAVE FUN!!!
  3. GO PLAY!!!
  4. EAT TACOS!!!
Well, you get the idea. The girls talk sounded nothing like ours.

We played but, when it started I could just FEEL that something was wrong.

Of course, that's what I WOULD say, but I can't. I had no clue.

When it started the girls were VERY quick to start. We got to the balls first and I hit one with, like, 7 balls, but she didn't go to "jail". She just stood there. And then threw a ball at me and missed at told me to go the the jail. I said "Why should I?"

Well, I only got to "Why sho..." before I was interrupted with cries of "SHE HIT YOU!!!!!!!!!!" Of course then I went to the jail. While I was walking over to jail, the girls were all hitting me and the other guys with dodge balls ON OUR WAY TO JAIL!!!

I was standing there and waiting for a ball to come to me, so I could throw it at one of the girls. That's how you get out of jail. I hit one and she didn't go out OR listen to me. I went out of jail because I knew I hit her. I got back to my side and... Got pelted with more balls. I went back (again getting pelted) to jail. I waited for a long time. I got so tired of watching my team get beaten so badly.

I went to the bathroom to NOT watch my team get destroyed. I sat on the sink looking at myself in the mirror. I was sweaty and red and I looked really mad. I sat for a few...seconds? I am not sure but I went out of the bathroom. I didn't go back to the jail because the girls were cheating, so why can't I?

I'll tell you.

I was standing still getting hit by balls and throwing them back. I was called to go to the jail by who other than: the other teacher.

I really don't get teachers, girls and I REALLY don't get girl teachers.

SHE was one of the teachers that told the girls to cheat. SHE was yelling at me for CHEATING!?!?!? I went to the jail. I then REALLY wanted to get OUT of there and get away from all the craziness. I told the other teacher I wasn't feeling good and wanted to go to the office to get out of there.


She said "You're just tired!! Sit down!!"

I then lost it and yelled at the top of my lungs,"UM,HELLO!!! I JUST SAID I WASN'T FEELING GOOD!! WHAT IF I BARF ALL OVER THE FLOOR!?!?"

But I only said it in my head so no one heard it but me.

I sat on the bench and as soon as I sat down both teachers got up and went onto the floor to play. WITH THE GIRLS OF COURSE!!! They were throwing 2 balls at a time and the girls were carrying 7 balls, while the boys could only throw one at a time and only carry one.

I  then got up went to the floor (while getting pelted) to a pile of balls. I picked up ALL of them and threw them at the teacher, the one that told me to sit down because I was just tired. She must have ordered a squad of girls to pelt me, with her mind, because all the girls near her turned to look at me really weirdly and...THEY ALL THREW ALL THE BALLS THEY HAD AT ME!!! It hurt. Then the teacher stopped the game because the BOYS(!!!!!!!!) were taking it to far.

We then played Global Domination for...a few minutes? We stopped because NO ONE (NOT including the girls) was having fun. The teachers made us do laps around the gym for the last 5 minutes. I walked with my friend and we talked about how unfair the game was and how when we cheated in the last round, we would get called out on it and get sent to jail.

The bell rang and we lined up to go back to class. The teacher told us that it was meant to be a joke and that they now knew that they couldn't do something like that again. She asked us if we thought that they were going to do it again. Some said No or Yes, but I said "I really don't know. Up until now I thought I knew how you thought." She asked us if we thought that it was done and over with and if any of us were hurt for the rest of our lives.

I raised my hand and said, "All through the year, YOU told us cheating was wrong. Why did you say to the girls it was okay this time?" Some girls talked about things to the teacher. Then I raised my hand again. I said, "You always tell us that the little kids look up to us. And who do we look up to? YOU! So, if we see from this, that cheating is okay, the little kids will think that it's okay. And when they are big like us, the new little kids will see cheating is okay from them. Is that okay?" 

The bell rang and we wrote in our agendas and the teacher said, "We all learned a very good lesson today." I said "Yeah, you can't trust teachers OR girls."

One of the girls, who sat in my desk group, heard me say that and she ran off to get her backpack ready. I got mine and looked back to the classroom and there was the same girl, crying and being hugged by the teacher. I left and caught up with my friend I walked with in gym and told him about it. He left with his mom and on the bus I thought about why the teacher didn't come hug me when I was crying and telling her that stuff.

The bus ride was better than school, as usual. I got home and talked to my mom. She said that she already knew, because my teacher had called her already. Mom thought I was either hurt or I missed the bus when she got the call from the teacher because she says she never worries about me getting into trouble. My teacher told my mom what happened but my mom wanted to hear my version of the story. I learned a lot of lessons yesterday. They were:

  1. Some people will cheat and lie to get what they want.
  2. Girls are NOT better than boys and the other way around.
  3. Little kids look up to us.
That was probably the worst gym class I have ever had. Thanks for reading.


Monday, June 3, 2013

Party Crashing and Awesome Doctors

Hi everyone, you are probably wondering what the title means. Well 'party' means I was at my friend's party.  The 'crashing' means I got got hit with a base ball bat. :( It still hurts a little but I am gonna be fine. What happened was I was at the party and we were hitting the pinata with, you guessed it: a base ball bat. I hit the thing and knocked all the candy out at the end. There was an older kid ,who didn't hit the pinata before I got all the candy out. He hung it back up so he could get to hit it and this guy, Al, got in the way to take down the already in half pinata, and the kid said, "Hey, you should move, 'cause I'm gonna hit the pinata." But Al said, "There is no candy left and it is in half, so I'm gonna take it down." But the kid swung anyway. He hit 2/3. He hit the pinata, missed Al, but hit yours truly: moi. He didn't mean to, but the bat swung around him and slammed into my right hand. It hurt a lot and he didn't know he hit me, because he had his eyes closed, until I said YELLED "OUCH!!!!" He came to see if I was okay and Al got some ice for my hand. I put it on my hand and Al thought I had a bruise on my hand. I did, but what I thought was the mustard. When I got to my friends house, my mom and dad and little sister came to pick me up. My friend's mom told my mom what  happened and we went to the hospital, near the Movie World and Orient Family Restaurant. We went in and once we got me registered, dad went to McDonald's to get Lauryn some food. I stayed at the hospital with my mom. I got sorta hungry, so mom bought me an Oh Henry with Reese peanut butter. A little while later a Doctor came and called my name. Mom and I were like,"What?" But we didn't argue and went with the Doctor. His name was Dr.Crawford. He asked me what the bat did. I looked at him, sorta puzzled, but then I got what he meant. "It was a base ball bat." I had only told the receptionist it was a bat. "So it wasn't a..." He flapped his arms like wings and said,"...bat?" I shook my head, no. He told us he wasn't going to make us wait hours for an x-ray. Mom said, "Thank you SO much." He filled out a form and said, "Take this form and put it in the wire bin. Be sure to ring the bell and tell the nurse Dr.Crawford sent you."  And he walked away. A nurse must have over heard us talking, because she walked right over and said "Hello. The x-ray room will be ready soon." We gave her the paper and went back behind the desk. A little while later the door to the x-ray room opened and a lady walked out and asked me to come in to the room. I say down on a stool and she took some pictures of my hands with the x-ray thingy. I went back out to see my mom and I told her that every thing went okay. A little bit later dad and Lauryn came to sit with us. Just as they sat down,
Dr.Crawford came and told me my hand would be  a-okay!

Also, the lilac bush we have looks beautiful. Have a look for your self.

That's all for now.Bye!


Thursday, May 30, 2013


Hey everyone it's me again! I have some cool news! I sent myself an email from school using my psdblogs account, to my Gmail account a website about snails! It is really cool and there is a site with shark facts there, too! I was like "WOW!!". If you want to check it out go to this link: That is all.



I MET GEORGE COUROS TODAY!!!!!!!!!!! He came to my school to see how the iPad cart was working and I told him about my shark blog! He left me a comment under "Origami is SO Cool". You can look for yourself, if you want. It turns out he likes sharks AND Star Wars, too! I showed him my Origami Yoda, and he thought it was so cool, he took a picture of ME with Yoda!!!  I also gave him an Origami Yoda and he put in his front pocket with the head sticking out! THE FRONT POCKET! THAT'S THE IMPORTANT POCKET! It was so cool. He told me about "186 days", but I have NO idea what so ever what it is! If you know, please tell me! BYE!!


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Origami is SO Cool

Hey everyone I have been folding origami A LOT lately. Because it is fun and because I have an origami shop! It is called OZ-IGAMI and it is so cool and fun! I have sold, like $15 worth, but I have given a lot of it to charity. But, when I think about it, it all started with my idea to sell origami for the charity I was raising money for. It was called WE CREATE CHANGE. Everyone who was at WE day at the Saddle Dome in Calgary got a plastic bag and you had to fill it to the top with pennies to equal $25. I already had $20 worth, so I only had to raise $5. I'm still selling because it is really fun. Totally unrelated, I just had 5 pieces of Papa John's Pizza and now I am eating ice cream. Anyway, if you want to start folding origami, just go to There are also other neat origami websites online, but there are links to them on If you want a challenge,try and be the first to find some origami shark instructions and leave a comment telling me how to fold the shark,or tell me what you typed in. Thanks for reading!



Hi everyone I'm writing in a storm right now! It is CRAZY RAINY!
What is your weather like? Any way I just wanted to say Iron Man 3 was EPIC! I think post this needs some facts, don't you?
  • A shark can detect a fish's heartbeat up to 3 feet away.
Sorry there is only 1 fact but I'm out and the rain is getting heavier.

Happy (Late) Victoria Day

Hiya everybody!! I have an announcement!  I GOT A HAIR CUT!!!

                                                         After                             Before

 Okay it isn't as exciting as world peace or whatever, but this is a "once in a blue moon" thing for me.  Anyway, I thought since it was Victoria Day I'd do a blog about... Well, actually I didn't think of anything Victoria Day related. Oh yeah! I forgot to ask who saw Rob Stewart's movie Revolution? I haven't but I just can't wait to see it!!!!!!!!  Since we're talking about movies, what movies have YOU seen lately??? Leave a comment naming the movie and how you liked it please. (My comment box is getting lonely). I want to see Iron Man 3. If anyone has seen the movie PLEASE DO NOT SPOIL IT!!!!!!!!!!!  Any how, I think it's time for some facts from the WEIRD but TRUE book, don't you? No? NO?!?! Fine, be that way see if I care!


Just kidding! Ha ha! I had you going, didn't I? What? I didn't? Any way, here you go!

From National Geographic's ultimate WEIRD but TRUE.
  •    The first shark appeared 40 million years BEFORE the earth's first trees.
  • A shark can grow and lose up to 30,000 teeth in a life time. 

YIKES! I don't even have 30 yet!!

Well, until next time,

SHARKS AREN'T SCARY, THEY'RE JUST DIFFERENT!!!!!                            

Friday, May 10, 2013


Again, I'm frustrated with the Internet.  I got a Gmail account (yay!) and I had it and my blog open at the same time and... AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!  MY SISTER JUST GOT OUT FURBY!!!!!!!!!!!

The crazy fur ball. 

Phew!!  It fell asleep.  Anyway, I was going to write a blog with some really cool shark facts, but I had my Gmail account and my blog open and I was logged into both at the same time. When I logged into my Gmail, I got logged out of my blog and vise versa. It turned out that my Yahoo account that I used to log in and my Gmail account weren't compatible. So, with the help of my mom, I tried to change my email I use to log in to my Gmail, but it kept saying "A Gmail Account can not be used in association with blogger". That was really frustrating. On a happier note I got a HUGE jar of pickles! And yes, I'm aware I look like a dork.
I think it's cool because the jar is bigger than my head. Anyway for the facts.


A Great White Shark can weigh as much as 15 gorillas.
A Shark can go for 6 weeks without food. "I don't like to go up to 6 hours without food." Are the words my dad said when I showed him the National Geographic book.

Well, there are more facts from National Geographic but, I want to save them for later.
Until next time,

Friday, April 5, 2013


THAT was me screaming in frustration   This post doesn't have ANYTHING to do with sharks.  I just wanted to ask if you if you get as annoyed as I do when Chrome crashes and all your tabs say "He's dead Jim" and there is a file with X eyes and a frowny face.  If you do feel the same way, feel free to leave me a comment telling me how you feel about the dead folder dude.:(

Anyway, I hope this doesn't happen often.


Thursday, April 4, 2013

"Shark Survivor turns Shark Saviour"

Hey everybody, I have some AWESOME news.  About 10 minutes ago, my mom gave me a news paper called The National Post, with the front page title: "Shark Survivor turns Shark Saviour".  The little words under the picture said: "Canadian Nicole Moore lost most of her left arm and suffered severe damage to her left leg in a shark attack in Mexico, in 2011.  She isn't holding a grudge: She says she's on "a mission" to prevent the needless killing of sharks."

Now, THAT is what I call super awesome!  Since the article on Nicole is SUPER long, I'm just going to put a link to the National Post website at the end of this post.:)


  • The first fossil of a Great White Shark, was of it's teeth, came from 60-65 MILLION years ago.(That was around the time when the dinosaurs went extinct!WOW!)
  •  "In 2010, Greenpeace International added the school sharkshortfin mako sharkmackerel sharktiger shark and spiny dogfish to its seafood red list, a list of common supermarket fish that are often sourced from unsustainable fisheries."
I found these fact's at

Well that pretty much covers everything, here's that link to the National Post:

Remember, Sharks aren't scary, they're just different!! :)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Even MORE facts about sharks

Hey guys!  I'm just reading stuff on the Dork Diaries website and I decided to do a blog.  I am looking for shark info and...

Sorry, Mom just called for supper!


Sorry!  Now where was I? (tapping chin, trying to remember)  Oh yeah!  I found a Shark-Wikipedia and I was like "YEAH!!!!"  But I only said it in my head.  Or maybe I didn't.  Anyway, on to the "facts" part of this   blog!

A Megalodon is the one of the oldest sharks and it is the biggest of the sharks known to man.

In 1991 South Africa was the first to call Great White Sharks a protected species.

I'll be back soon with some more facts next time, but until then...

Sharks aren't scary, they are just different!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Blogging again + 1 surprise = My 1st blog since Oct. 6 2012

Hiya!  It's me again!  I'm REALLY sorry I haven't been here for a little LONG time, but...  Well I guess there's no excuse for not being here for so long.  I'll bet you're wondering why I decided to get off my lazy behind and blog.

Well, for the past few months of school I've been reading these books called "Dork Diaries" and they are really good!  Anyway I was reading one yesterday (March 21 2013) and when I was done (I got it at 3:00 and finished at about 5:00) I was putting it down on my desk and I noticed that there was a thing on the back that said "If you like the books, than you'll think the website is great too!" so I checked it out and there was a blog section and I was like "OMG!".  The person that wrote the blog was there every every day of every month, since 2009!!!!!  That's 4 years of blogging.  Well, I guess that person isn't 11 years old and has MAJOR homework!!!

Yep,  that's my surprise folks!  It was my birthday last week!  Well this blog had nothing to do with sharks, but I just wanted to say I'm back and I'll be blogging a lot more!!(Especially because it's Spring Break :)  Well, "That's all folks!!!!" - Porky Pig

In other words,  "Sharks aren't scary they're just different!" - Oscar Plant