Tuesday, July 30, 2013


It's one thing that happens all the time. Do something nice you get good Karma. Like I did. One of the ladies at the No Frills store near where my grandparents live, didn't have a loonie for a cart, so I gave her mine and she said she had a dollar, but not in one coin. I told her she could keep her money, and she said "Thank you." I knew it would cause good karma for me. And then there's Lauryn. I said I wouldn't help her with Poptropica a zillion times because I already helped her a zillion and one times. She freaked, I made coupons, because I did a zillion and one things, so I made the 5 coupons. They were small things, and now that I think about it, they were kind of stupid. I'm going to rip them up. BRB.

Anyway, she was freaking out with that. At first she thought it was okay, but I  said no to helping her with Poptropica, and she flipped a cup holder and ran off, so flipping tables=bad karma. Thanks for reading. Bye.

               Sharks aren't scary, they're just different.

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