Tuesday, July 30, 2013


It's one thing that happens all the time. Do something nice you get good Karma. Like I did. One of the ladies at the No Frills store near where my grandparents live, didn't have a loonie for a cart, so I gave her mine and she said she had a dollar, but not in one coin. I told her she could keep her money, and she said "Thank you." I knew it would cause good karma for me. And then there's Lauryn. I said I wouldn't help her with Poptropica a zillion times because I already helped her a zillion and one times. She freaked, I made coupons, because I did a zillion and one things, so I made the 5 coupons. They were small things, and now that I think about it, they were kind of stupid. I'm going to rip them up. BRB.

Anyway, she was freaking out with that. At first she thought it was okay, but I  said no to helping her with Poptropica, and she flipped a cup holder and ran off, so flipping tables=bad karma. Thanks for reading. Bye.

               Sharks aren't scary, they're just different.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

K Days Experience

Hey everyone! I hope you had fun at K-Days yesterday, because I had a great time!!!!! I shall tell you about it from the beginning! So, once my family, Mom, Dad, Lauryn and I got to K-Days we say right off the bat some AWESOME RIDES! The first one was called the Sling Shot and the other was the called the Skyscraper. I didn't go on either because of the lines...Yeah,that's it...Lines... Anyway we walked around for a bit and we played some games like that one where you squirt water at the target and the stuffed whatever goes up? Well, I played the game and I almost won a stuffed Pikachu! It was SO awesome! I really wanted it, so Mom, Lauryn and I played the game and I ALMOST got that Pikachu, but I lost. The sign said every kid that plays got a prize, so maybe there was hope for me yet! WRONG! I got this cheap plastic sword that you can get for 50 cents at the dollar store, and before we even left the game it broke. Dad said I must be thinking "That's not what FAIRS ARE ABOUT! THERE IS NOTHING FAIR ABOUT THIS! THEY SHOULD CALL IT AN UN-FAIR!!!" He was right.

After that Mom got a Double Bacon Corndog. Here's a link: http://instagram.com/p/cPu4iQhNqG/

I was kinda REALLY glum after I tried really hard to win something that I didn't get and instead, I got a crappy little plastic sword, and all the rest of the day I saw people walking around with stuffed Pikachu's and Minions. Dad and I went to the sports stuff and it was sort of neat. I would have been more into it if I got my Pikachu... Anyway after, we went to the farm place, and it was pretty neat. I rode a mechanical bull!!!

My little sister, Lauryn rode it, too! Watch this HILARIOUS video.
Yeah... Anyway, this is me with an ancient snail. Just so you know, the only animal I like more than snails is sharks.

I made a hand out of wax. These pictures show me dipping my hand in really hot wax and the second is me with 7 layers of hot wax and the last is the colour being added.

This is me and my little in the wheel of a GIANT HUGE MEGA tractor. It was so big I called it Crop Digger. you know... Like Grave Digger... Oh never mind.


That is a link to me being an anchor with

Daryl Mcintyre!!!!!!!

It was so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! It was such an honer. Well, that just about covers it so until next time...

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

OMG! I think I broke a world record!

Hey everyone! As you see, the title for this post implies that I might have broken a world record. You must be thinking,"That is AWESOME!! But... What record?" Well, I think I broke the record for smallest origami Yoda and Clone Trooper! Take a look at the photos below.

If you couldn't see, in the first picture, they're next to a piece of rice and in the second one, they're on a dime. THAT is small!

Stooky, right? Hope your summer has been totally rockets so far. Peace!



It's the name of my origami shop and what I call any origami I create. Like, come up with the instructions. Now I show you my... WAIT! Do you hear read that? DANANANANANANANANANA...BATMAN!!
That is right! today is the day I post the instrux (short version of instructions) for the CAPED CRUSADER!
Here they ARE!!!! I thought a bird base was folding and un-folding up, down and from each corner. Where it says "Pull down" make a pleat. To learn what the heck that is, Google it.
Dear D.C comics, I only borrowed Batman for the name of this origami. I had no intention of stealing him, so I am sorry the Joker got away. :(
Anyway, enjoy folding! Also check out these instrux for my oz-igami Snow Trooper. Again, this time to George Lucas, I am sorry, Vader's empire was one trooper short. Note: At the beginning, don't fold corners like a paper airplane. Use picture aids.

Enjoy this one too! If you think you did an awesome job, post it in the comments. Peace out!