Wednesday, July 10, 2013


It's the name of my origami shop and what I call any origami I create. Like, come up with the instructions. Now I show you my... WAIT! Do you hear read that? DANANANANANANANANANA...BATMAN!!
That is right! today is the day I post the instrux (short version of instructions) for the CAPED CRUSADER!
Here they ARE!!!! I thought a bird base was folding and un-folding up, down and from each corner. Where it says "Pull down" make a pleat. To learn what the heck that is, Google it.
Dear D.C comics, I only borrowed Batman for the name of this origami. I had no intention of stealing him, so I am sorry the Joker got away. :(
Anyway, enjoy folding! Also check out these instrux for my oz-igami Snow Trooper. Again, this time to George Lucas, I am sorry, Vader's empire was one trooper short. Note: At the beginning, don't fold corners like a paper airplane. Use picture aids.

Enjoy this one too! If you think you did an awesome job, post it in the comments. Peace out!

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