Saturday, June 29, 2013

School's out!!!!!!!!!


Sorry I just needed to let that out 'cuz... Wait for it...Wait for it...


 I can not believe it! It feels like yesterday I sat in my chair doing a math test. Uhh, just the thought of math makes me want to... Do some math.

 Well, I did my year end Shark Presentation for the grade 2's and it went good. The only thing that went wrong was when I was handing out candy to the grade 2's that answered the questions right. I didn't hand it out instantly when they got them right because I forgot the candy in my classroom and had to go back and get it after. I handed it out to the kids I knew got the questions right, but the last person who was supposed to get a candy didn't get one because 7 kids had there hands up for who got the last question right, and when I asked them to be honest and put up their hands again, all 7 put their hands up. So no candy for the last kid. As I left I heard the teacher say that she was disappointed. And one of the kids called me Austin, but that didn't matter. Well, thanks for reading and come back for more later over the break! Bye!


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