Saturday, October 6, 2012

Top 4 shark movies/Crazy weather

Hey everyone I don't know where you guys are but at my grandparent house weather is crazy!  It's windy,rainy and I have to put up with the annoying sounds.  But other than that it's been sweet.  For breakfast I had a soft boiled egg and toast.  But know I'm going to tell you four of the best movies with sharks or shark related characters.  Sorry I would put five but there aren't enough movies with a really good reputation for sharks. 

Number 4:  Shark boy and Lava girl
The movie Shark boy and Lava girl was created in 2005 and the 3D technology was the same as the 3D in Spy Kids 3D: Game Over and was made by a Rodriguez. Can you guess which one?  Was it
A)Benny Rodriguez  B)Robert Rodriguez   C)Alex Rodriguez

If you guessed Robert Rodriguez give your self a pat on the back.  Playing Shark boy was Taylor Lautner.  His character was played well but I saw a blooper by Shark boy in the movie.  While he was hanging from the ice bridge his fin fell off.

Number 3:  Shark Tale
In my book Shark Tail was the funniest shark movie I've ever seen.  Shark Tail was created in 2004 and I was the main character in the movie!  Well, at least my name was the same as the protagonist's.  Anyway the movie also had one of the most mentioned actor guys play a vegetarian shark.  Can you guess who?  Hint: He's every ones favorite Kung Fu-ing panda.

The answer is Jack Black.  He played Lenny the vegetarian shark who wouldn't hurt a fly... or whatever you say under water.  Would it be shrimp or plankton?  Hmmmmmm...  Anyway Oscar the fish (not me) claims to have killed a shark with his bare hands (or fins) when it was an anchor that landed on Lenny's brother.  But to fully under stand the movies you have to see them.

Number 2: Finding Nemo
Finding Nemo may only have sharks in one little part but it had sharks in it and it was a good movie so it makes my list.  Bruce a great white shark(Barry Humphries) was the leader of a fish annonimus thing was about not eating fish.  People should have a shark annonimus thing.  Finding Nemo was created in 2003 (a year after I was born) and was directed by Andrew Stanton.

Number 1: Sharkwater
Of course Sharkwater is on the list! It's the best shark movie ever!  Sharkwater was created in 2007 and was narrated, filmed and created by my hero Rob Stewart!  Sharkwater was awarded 33 different awards including Canada's top ten, 2 people's choice, Must-See Wake-Up catagory and 30 more.  As you know Sharkwater is one of the reasons I started my blog.

One last thing before I go. 

Sharks aren't scary they are just different!

Accusation under the sea/ More help

Hey, sorry I haven't been blogging for a bit, but this is important! (The first happened a while ago, second happened recently.)

OK, first on July 16, 2012 (Mental note: Post this stuff BEFORE the end of the month or at least not 15 days after.) Calgary voted to ban shark fins sale and possession! By now you probably knew that, but hey since when do kids write about stuff 1 second after it happens? Any way, if you live in Calgary, it's EPIC for you guys.

Anyway (again) the second thing was that at Cape Cod on July 31 2012 there was supposedly a shark attack. Now, I feel as bad for this dude as much as the next guy, but there were only miner bites (and, no I'm not saying 'suck it up') and every one is blaming my favorite sea creature with only the proof of a dorsal fin and some bite MARKS. It could have been anything that has a fin and eats meat.

Anyway, if the person who got attacked reads this or if someone who knows him reads this I feel so bad for this to have ever happened.

Remember, sharks aren't scary, they're just different.


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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fin Free BC!

Gabriel Wildgen of Humane Society International/Canada has been campaigning on a shark fin ban in Port Moody and now hopes it spreads to other Metro Vancouver municipalities. He is photographed in Vancouver on May 23, 2012. Photograph by: Glenn Baglo , The Province

My first reaction when I saw this was O M super G!!

This is the first place in Canada to BAN the possession, sale, trade and distribution of shark fin products!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's too beautiful for words! Just kidding I'm gonna write a whole blog about this!

The US already has cities that have bans in place and other US cities are working on it.

If a little place like Port Moody can do this then what's stopping the rest of Canada?

First things first. We gotta get more people to know about this. This will give them something to think about. And when they THINK about it, they'll know shark finning is wrong and they should WANT to have the same ban in place in THEIR cities!

I've been asked to join the Fin Free Edmonton group and I hope that with their help we can actually make a Fin Free ALBERTA. If a small city in BC can do it, I'm pretty sure WE can do it!!

I'm pretty sure me and the Fin Free Alberta guys can't do it by ourselves so I'm asking for your help too. I want you guys to gather up as much shark fin information as you can and send it to me and then we'll show the government that it matters!

Remember sharks aren't scary they're just different!

Monday, May 21, 2012

5 Ideas to Stop Shark Finning

Hi everyone,
Sorry I've been away for such a long time. I've been putting my time into school and being a kid, because that's what I am.

A lemon shark via
But now that I'm back I have FIVE ideas to put an end to the shark finning industry!!

A Shark Habitat

This is a place where sharks would live free from poaching and fishing. This would keep them safe and the shark population could GROW! And before you know it, instead of being 95% down it would be 95% better!

What would happen if we had a shark farm? There were these agriculture guys at school and they gave us these booklets and talked about agriculture and stuff.

At the end of the presentation they asked if we had any questions so I asked if they had any fish farms and they said that there were fish farms. There are all sorts of different fish in the farms. It was then that I had this idea of the shark farms!

We could give them a place to live their natural lives except there would be glass barriers. The sharks could have really big tanks, we could put fish in for them. and when there were lots and lots sharks we could release them back into the wild.

Other ideas to stop the shark finning industry

Talk to the Mayor of your city! Have him place a ban on local restaurants to serve shark fin in any form.

Tell your family and friends about the shark-finning industry! The more people who know means the more people will care!

You can tell your kids about the shark-finning industry then when they go to school they can tell their teacher about it and do some projects at school to learn more!

If you MUST have shark fin, you can use the vegetarian version that I posted a long time ago. Click here for the recipe.

What do you think? Do you have any ideas on how we can stop shark-finning?
 And if you do, post them and I will write about them!

Remember SHARKS AREN'T SCARY!! They're just different!!