Monday, May 21, 2012

5 Ideas to Stop Shark Finning

Hi everyone,
Sorry I've been away for such a long time. I've been putting my time into school and being a kid, because that's what I am.

A lemon shark via
But now that I'm back I have FIVE ideas to put an end to the shark finning industry!!

A Shark Habitat

This is a place where sharks would live free from poaching and fishing. This would keep them safe and the shark population could GROW! And before you know it, instead of being 95% down it would be 95% better!

What would happen if we had a shark farm? There were these agriculture guys at school and they gave us these booklets and talked about agriculture and stuff.

At the end of the presentation they asked if we had any questions so I asked if they had any fish farms and they said that there were fish farms. There are all sorts of different fish in the farms. It was then that I had this idea of the shark farms!

We could give them a place to live their natural lives except there would be glass barriers. The sharks could have really big tanks, we could put fish in for them. and when there were lots and lots sharks we could release them back into the wild.

Other ideas to stop the shark finning industry

Talk to the Mayor of your city! Have him place a ban on local restaurants to serve shark fin in any form.

Tell your family and friends about the shark-finning industry! The more people who know means the more people will care!

You can tell your kids about the shark-finning industry then when they go to school they can tell their teacher about it and do some projects at school to learn more!

If you MUST have shark fin, you can use the vegetarian version that I posted a long time ago. Click here for the recipe.

What do you think? Do you have any ideas on how we can stop shark-finning?
 And if you do, post them and I will write about them!

Remember SHARKS AREN'T SCARY!! They're just different!!

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