Monday, June 3, 2013

Party Crashing and Awesome Doctors

Hi everyone, you are probably wondering what the title means. Well 'party' means I was at my friend's party.  The 'crashing' means I got got hit with a base ball bat. :( It still hurts a little but I am gonna be fine. What happened was I was at the party and we were hitting the pinata with, you guessed it: a base ball bat. I hit the thing and knocked all the candy out at the end. There was an older kid ,who didn't hit the pinata before I got all the candy out. He hung it back up so he could get to hit it and this guy, Al, got in the way to take down the already in half pinata, and the kid said, "Hey, you should move, 'cause I'm gonna hit the pinata." But Al said, "There is no candy left and it is in half, so I'm gonna take it down." But the kid swung anyway. He hit 2/3. He hit the pinata, missed Al, but hit yours truly: moi. He didn't mean to, but the bat swung around him and slammed into my right hand. It hurt a lot and he didn't know he hit me, because he had his eyes closed, until I said YELLED "OUCH!!!!" He came to see if I was okay and Al got some ice for my hand. I put it on my hand and Al thought I had a bruise on my hand. I did, but what I thought was the mustard. When I got to my friends house, my mom and dad and little sister came to pick me up. My friend's mom told my mom what  happened and we went to the hospital, near the Movie World and Orient Family Restaurant. We went in and once we got me registered, dad went to McDonald's to get Lauryn some food. I stayed at the hospital with my mom. I got sorta hungry, so mom bought me an Oh Henry with Reese peanut butter. A little while later a Doctor came and called my name. Mom and I were like,"What?" But we didn't argue and went with the Doctor. His name was Dr.Crawford. He asked me what the bat did. I looked at him, sorta puzzled, but then I got what he meant. "It was a base ball bat." I had only told the receptionist it was a bat. "So it wasn't a..." He flapped his arms like wings and said,"...bat?" I shook my head, no. He told us he wasn't going to make us wait hours for an x-ray. Mom said, "Thank you SO much." He filled out a form and said, "Take this form and put it in the wire bin. Be sure to ring the bell and tell the nurse Dr.Crawford sent you."  And he walked away. A nurse must have over heard us talking, because she walked right over and said "Hello. The x-ray room will be ready soon." We gave her the paper and went back behind the desk. A little while later the door to the x-ray room opened and a lady walked out and asked me to come in to the room. I say down on a stool and she took some pictures of my hands with the x-ray thingy. I went back out to see my mom and I told her that every thing went okay. A little bit later dad and Lauryn came to sit with us. Just as they sat down,
Dr.Crawford came and told me my hand would be  a-okay!

Also, the lilac bush we have looks beautiful. Have a look for your self.

That's all for now.Bye!



  1. Hi Oscar,

    Your blog is incredibly rad-- I really enjoyed reading it. You've got a tremendous voice. I found a site a little while ago that you may have seen before...but it is SO darn cool. It basically is global radar for tracking sharks in near real-time:

    Keep up the wonderful writing!

    1. Thanks! I have never been told my blog was 'rad' before. I will check out this site and see if I can remember if I have seen it.