Sunday, July 28, 2013

K Days Experience

Hey everyone! I hope you had fun at K-Days yesterday, because I had a great time!!!!! I shall tell you about it from the beginning! So, once my family, Mom, Dad, Lauryn and I got to K-Days we say right off the bat some AWESOME RIDES! The first one was called the Sling Shot and the other was the called the Skyscraper. I didn't go on either because of the lines...Yeah,that's it...Lines... Anyway we walked around for a bit and we played some games like that one where you squirt water at the target and the stuffed whatever goes up? Well, I played the game and I almost won a stuffed Pikachu! It was SO awesome! I really wanted it, so Mom, Lauryn and I played the game and I ALMOST got that Pikachu, but I lost. The sign said every kid that plays got a prize, so maybe there was hope for me yet! WRONG! I got this cheap plastic sword that you can get for 50 cents at the dollar store, and before we even left the game it broke. Dad said I must be thinking "That's not what FAIRS ARE ABOUT! THERE IS NOTHING FAIR ABOUT THIS! THEY SHOULD CALL IT AN UN-FAIR!!!" He was right.

After that Mom got a Double Bacon Corndog. Here's a link:

I was kinda REALLY glum after I tried really hard to win something that I didn't get and instead, I got a crappy little plastic sword, and all the rest of the day I saw people walking around with stuffed Pikachu's and Minions. Dad and I went to the sports stuff and it was sort of neat. I would have been more into it if I got my Pikachu... Anyway after, we went to the farm place, and it was pretty neat. I rode a mechanical bull!!!

My little sister, Lauryn rode it, too! Watch this HILARIOUS video.
Yeah... Anyway, this is me with an ancient snail. Just so you know, the only animal I like more than snails is sharks.

I made a hand out of wax. These pictures show me dipping my hand in really hot wax and the second is me with 7 layers of hot wax and the last is the colour being added.

This is me and my little in the wheel of a GIANT HUGE MEGA tractor. It was so big I called it Crop Digger. you know... Like Grave Digger... Oh never mind.

That is a link to me being an anchor with

Daryl Mcintyre!!!!!!!

It was so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! It was such an honer. Well, that just about covers it so until next time...

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  1. You rocked the newscast!
    Glad your day got better.