Thursday, May 30, 2013


I MET GEORGE COUROS TODAY!!!!!!!!!!! He came to my school to see how the iPad cart was working and I told him about my shark blog! He left me a comment under "Origami is SO Cool". You can look for yourself, if you want. It turns out he likes sharks AND Star Wars, too! I showed him my Origami Yoda, and he thought it was so cool, he took a picture of ME with Yoda!!!  I also gave him an Origami Yoda and he put in his front pocket with the head sticking out! THE FRONT POCKET! THAT'S THE IMPORTANT POCKET! It was so cool. He told me about "186 days", but I have NO idea what so ever what it is! If you know, please tell me! BYE!!



  1. Hey Oscar! I was really honoured to meet you and your class and see the cool work that you were all doing. I love getting to see students and some of the neat ways they are able to learn. School is WAY better now from when I want.

    Thanks for the blog post. Here is the 184 project if you ever want to write for it:

    Take care!

    Mr. Couros

  2. Hi Oscar,
    I am an assistant principal at a school in Edmonton, and I am SOOOO glad I came across your blog! I like Star Wars, too (R2D2 is my favorite) but I'm scared of sharks. I love that you blog lots of facts about sharks because it makes them seem less frightening when you know more about them.

    Mr. Couros sounds like someone famous! And you are absoultely right- the front pocket IS the important one.

    Reading your blog was the highlight of my day, so thank you very much for that! Enjoy the rest of your school year!


    P.S. Thanks for the link to Origami Yoda in 1 of your posts - I'm TOTALLY making them!

    1. Thanks Ms.Copeman! I can not beliueve that you like Star Wars! Well, actually I can because, who doesn't like Star Wars! If you look at the site, Origami Yoda has instructions for R2D2! Thanks for reading my blog.

      P.S You made MY day!