Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Origami is SO Cool

Hey everyone I have been folding origami A LOT lately. Because it is fun and because I have an origami shop! It is called OZ-IGAMI and it is so cool and fun! I have sold, like $15 worth, but I have given a lot of it to charity. But, when I think about it, it all started with my idea to sell origami for the charity I was raising money for. It was called WE CREATE CHANGE. Everyone who was at WE day at the Saddle Dome in Calgary got a plastic bag and you had to fill it to the top with pennies to equal $25. I already had $20 worth, so I only had to raise $5. I'm still selling because it is really fun. Totally unrelated, I just had 5 pieces of Papa John's Pizza and now I am eating ice cream. Anyway, if you want to start folding origami, just go to There are also other neat origami websites online, but there are links to them on If you want a challenge,try and be the first to find some origami shark instructions and leave a comment telling me how to fold the shark,or tell me what you typed in. Thanks for reading!



  1. Hey was great meeting you today and I loved reading your blog. I have always loved sharks so I thought it was cool that you chose this as a theme! Thank you for sharing :) Looking forward to reading more!

    Mr. Couros

    1. Hi Mr. Couros! It was a pleasure meeting you today! I hope I get to see you again! Tell me how Japan is, okay?