Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Happy (Late) Victoria Day

Hiya everybody!! I have an announcement!  I GOT A HAIR CUT!!!

                                                         After                             Before

 Okay it isn't as exciting as world peace or whatever, but this is a "once in a blue moon" thing for me.  Anyway, I thought since it was Victoria Day I'd do a blog about... Well, actually I didn't think of anything Victoria Day related. Oh yeah! I forgot to ask who saw Rob Stewart's movie Revolution? I haven't but I just can't wait to see it!!!!!!!!  Since we're talking about movies, what movies have YOU seen lately??? Leave a comment naming the movie and how you liked it please. (My comment box is getting lonely). I want to see Iron Man 3. If anyone has seen the movie PLEASE DO NOT SPOIL IT!!!!!!!!!!!  Any how, I think it's time for some facts from the WEIRD but TRUE book, don't you? No? NO?!?! Fine, be that way see if I care!


Just kidding! Ha ha! I had you going, didn't I? What? I didn't? Any way, here you go!

From National Geographic's ultimate WEIRD but TRUE.
  •    The first shark appeared 40 million years BEFORE the earth's first trees.
  • A shark can grow and lose up to 30,000 teeth in a life time. 

YIKES! I don't even have 30 yet!!

Well, until next time,

SHARKS AREN'T SCARY, THEY'RE JUST DIFFERENT!!!!!                            

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