Thursday, April 4, 2013

"Shark Survivor turns Shark Saviour"

Hey everybody, I have some AWESOME news.  About 10 minutes ago, my mom gave me a news paper called The National Post, with the front page title: "Shark Survivor turns Shark Saviour".  The little words under the picture said: "Canadian Nicole Moore lost most of her left arm and suffered severe damage to her left leg in a shark attack in Mexico, in 2011.  She isn't holding a grudge: She says she's on "a mission" to prevent the needless killing of sharks."

Now, THAT is what I call super awesome!  Since the article on Nicole is SUPER long, I'm just going to put a link to the National Post website at the end of this post.:)


  • The first fossil of a Great White Shark, was of it's teeth, came from 60-65 MILLION years ago.(That was around the time when the dinosaurs went extinct!WOW!)
  •  "In 2010, Greenpeace International added the school sharkshortfin mako sharkmackerel sharktiger shark and spiny dogfish to its seafood red list, a list of common supermarket fish that are often sourced from unsustainable fisheries."
I found these fact's at

Well that pretty much covers everything, here's that link to the National Post:

Remember, Sharks aren't scary, they're just different!! :)

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