Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Even MORE facts about sharks

Hey guys!  I'm just reading stuff on the Dork Diaries website and I decided to do a blog.  I am looking for shark info and...

Sorry, Mom just called for supper!


Sorry!  Now where was I? (tapping chin, trying to remember)  Oh yeah!  I found a Shark-Wikipedia and I was like "YEAH!!!!"  But I only said it in my head.  Or maybe I didn't.  Anyway, on to the "facts" part of this   blog!

A Megalodon is the one of the oldest sharks and it is the biggest of the sharks known to man.

In 1991 South Africa was the first to call Great White Sharks a protected species.

I'll be back soon with some more facts next time, but until then...

Sharks aren't scary, they are just different!!!!!!!!

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