Friday, March 22, 2013

Blogging again + 1 surprise = My 1st blog since Oct. 6 2012

Hiya!  It's me again!  I'm REALLY sorry I haven't been here for a little LONG time, but...  Well I guess there's no excuse for not being here for so long.  I'll bet you're wondering why I decided to get off my lazy behind and blog.

Well, for the past few months of school I've been reading these books called "Dork Diaries" and they are really good!  Anyway I was reading one yesterday (March 21 2013) and when I was done (I got it at 3:00 and finished at about 5:00) I was putting it down on my desk and I noticed that there was a thing on the back that said "If you like the books, than you'll think the website is great too!" so I checked it out and there was a blog section and I was like "OMG!".  The person that wrote the blog was there every every day of every month, since 2009!!!!!  That's 4 years of blogging.  Well, I guess that person isn't 11 years old and has MAJOR homework!!!

Yep,  that's my surprise folks!  It was my birthday last week!  Well this blog had nothing to do with sharks, but I just wanted to say I'm back and I'll be blogging a lot more!!(Especially because it's Spring Break :)  Well, "That's all folks!!!!" - Porky Pig

In other words,  "Sharks aren't scary they're just different!" - Oscar Plant

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