Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas

     Hey, everyone! Can you believe another Christmas has come and gone already? It's INSANE!!! Personally, I think this Christmas was the BEST! (Yet!)

     Anyway, have you heard of Marty Chan's new(ish) book, Demon Gate? I wanted to do a blog about this for a while, actually, but I wanted to read his other books first, but some of them haven't arrived at the library yet. Plus, I wanted to do this blog before 2013 ended. So, Demon Gate is the first in the Ehrich Weisz Chronicles. Actually, I'm kinda sad it took me this long to blog about his book launch, back on November 26.

      Anyway, Marty put on a good magic show while explaining his book. He did this magic trick where he got a girl in the audience to wave her hand over two chalk boards to reveal Ehrich Weisz is also Harry Houdini! I helped him put on hand cuffs and took the keys. He got out like Harry Houdini did. It was really cool!

     But the coolest thing he did (and I apologize for not having a picture) was when he got out of a straight jacket! It took a few tries, since it was a rather tight fit and got stuck only once, for a moment or two, but if Harry could do it, Marty could too. Good Christmas reference, right? Anyhow, when he got out we all applaud, and he read us some of his book. I won't share to much detail, but it is SUPER McBOSSNESS!! He made a high tech bowler hat like in the book, and it looked pretty cool!

     Marty signed my book, too! It read, "To Oscar, a great assistant and an amazing person!"
     Here is a picture with me and Marty. I hope you get a chance to read it too. Before I forget, did everyone have a good holiday? My Christmas wish was for people to stop shark finning because...



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  1. Hey Oscar! how you been? i finally found the card with your blog info, i been looking for it since the day you gave it to me. i hope all it well. Your blog is interesting keep being awesome. Nikki Ymca summer camp counselor.
    p.s i hope you joined a track team