Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Hello everybody! How are you all doing? This is my first blog of 2014 and I can't be-LIEVE it took me a whole month to do it!!! Anyway, if you are on my twitter page, then you know thatcI have HUGE news! Ok, here goes... a Dim Sum in Edmonton (Cha For Tea Palace) does NOT use real shark fin in their shark fin dumplings!!!!!!! This is a day which will be remembered for years to come! Or, by me at least.

Well, I've got more to tell, so sit back and enjoy the post! First off, I have been told that Marty Chan is giving away one of his Demon Gate books and I thought that ONE of you lucky readers could win it! So, here's how this is gonna work. All you have to do is leave a comment on my blog and your name will be entered into the draw to win the book! Easy as pie, huh?

Next order of business; responsibility. At school, the office found almost 20 iPod touch's! 20! Can you believe it?! So we gotta look after our stuff more, huh? As we all know, I am an Origami Yoda fan, right? So, when I heard Tom Angleberger was writing ANOTHER book, I almost immediately wanted one. But, it doesn't come out 'till March. Well, lot's of good things in life, must be waited for, am I right?

Oop! Mom just told me I have to be done in the next 5 minutes, so I guess ,THAT'S ALL, FOLKS! Oh, and...


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  1. So it's OK to go to Cha For Tea Palace, and still be shark friendly? Excellent.