Saturday, September 27, 2014

Country Music Week - Part One (STAR WARS STYLE)

A long time ago, in someone's garage far, far away... Okay, it wasn't THAT long ago, but it was a fair three weeks ago (WHOOPS!).

Anyhow, I went to someone's garage as some of you know. Now, it wasn't an ordinary garage. No, no, it's called  The Tavern! I know what you're thinking, "Just because you gave it a name, doesn't make it THAT cool." But it is EXTREMELY cool. It's a place where countless country music performers go to do shows.

Now, if you've been there, you would see ALL of the autographs on The Tailgate (it's an ACTUAL tailgate from a 4x4), the signed pictures on the walls and ceiling, and all the Roughriders stuff. A whole corner was devoted to 'em! Anyway, on to that interview I promised! If it doesn't show up, click here.

It was absolutely FANTASTIC to get to talk to Codie Prevost and even MORE FANTASTIC that he took the time to answer my questions! I am SUPER sorry about all the background noise, but we WERE at a public place.

I learned a lot about Codie in our interview. Like, he likes LOVES to fish! He likes cooking, he'll put thing in the recipes that he's not supposed to, like he's experimenting with it! Codie is a really cool guy and I'd love to meet him again!

After my interview with Codie (thanks again man!) me and Dad went into the Tavern (the garage place), where we waited a few minutes for the show to start. It started with Bradley Tucker,  who decided what to sing by getting people (I was one of them!) to throw darts at a board. Thank goodness I had improved my aim or else, poor Bradley would of ended up with a dart in his leg. Or possibly his arm... Lets just say I am not too good at darts and leave it at that... ANYWAY, back to the blog. We threw darts at the board and he sang and played the song we landed on. After that, I got a picture with him and a singed poster!
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Me and Bradley at the Green Carpet Down

Then Codie came and performed his songs with his AWESOME and colourful guitar. They were both great performers! Actually, they ARE great performers! Neither are dead or retired, so they ARE. Not were... After Codie's awesome performances, I went to get some souvenirs. I got signed CD's and a t-shirt (this time we remembered to pay). On they way home, we played his CD.

Well, come back soon (I hope) I will be doing another one sooner than this one! Until that time,


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