Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Country Music Week - Part 4 (STAR WARS STYLE)

Hello everyone! First week of school was SO awesome! But (if you read the title you would know that) this post is not about school.

 And just so you know, you have not missed anything. I'm going to do multiple posts, but I'm going to do them like the Star Wars saga. They won't be in order, but they'll still make sense. I promise. 

So any way, recently I met Madeline Merlo, and she is SO AWESOME! She is a terrific songwriter and singer. She is also super passionate about the environment and animals. 

She was at the London Drugs at the West Edmonton Mall promoting her new EP. The man helping her noticed my Country Music Week Media Pass and so I told him about my blog and that I started when I was eight and he said, "Whoa! That's really awesome! You know, Madeline really cares for all of the animals on Earth, so she would probably think your blog is super cool!"

He introduced me to Madeline, and I told her about my blog and gave her my card so she could check it out. (Yes that's right. I have business cards now!) She said, "It is so great that a kid your age could do something so huge like that! You know, you are going to change the world one day!" That really made me happy!

I told her I was going to do a blog sometime this week (and you're reading it). Anyway, after she signed a couple of autographs for me, I asked if we could do a video. Since her new single is called ALIVE, it gave me an idea. Here's the video we shot together.

And because it's such a great song, here's Alive;

Well, stay tuned, because more blogs are on the way! In the meantime...


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