Monday, August 2, 2010

The Mako Shark

I just finished watching Man vs. Fish on the Discovery Channel. It was about catching sharks, putting tags on them and then releasing them.

No shark is faster than the Mako, the most amazing sharks. Only a bunch of fish can only outrun it. Two-thirds of its brain is devoted to smell.

The Salmon shark is 10-feet long and weighs 500lbs!

The Tiger shark is 10ft and weighs 850lbs!

On the show, the Hammerhead shark they caught was over 1,000 lbs!!

The nine known species range from 0.9 to 6 m (3.0 to 20 ft) long. The average hammerhead shark weighs about 500 pounds, but some may grow up to 1000. All the species have a projection of their face on all sides of the head that gives it a resemblance to a flattened hammer.
source: Wikipedia
I learned that people shouldn't fear the Mako, they should respect it.
I thought this show was GREAT!
Remember: Sharks aren't scary. They're just different!

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