Friday, August 27, 2010

If I were a shark, I would eat my sister

Hello it is me, Oscar and I would like to say that with school coming back it's going to be even harder to remember to do my blog because there will be homework, tests and a lot things to remember. Oh I forget all the time, well guess it's time to tell you today's information so here it is

"Almost all sharks like to do their hunting solo, but scalloped hammerhead sharks prefer to travel in schools during their summer migration."

Well let's get to today's fact. YAAAAAAAAAA!

"Sharks that eat their siblings' eggs in the womb aren't vicious. They're just seeking out nutrients to sustain themselves as they grow."

That means if me & my sister were in my moms tummy at the same time and I ate my sister OR she ate me,it wouldn't mean we were bad it just means that me or her were REALLY hungry. Well I guess I should put my link so you can look at it.

Remember Sharks aren't scary. They are just different!
Also, shark finning guys: THINK ABOUT IT! what have sharks ever done to YOU!?

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  1. Hi Oz, You make me laugh! But I think you'd havea real fight on your hands if you tried to eat your sister. She's feisty ;) Love you! Mom