Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Truth Will Surface

That saying was on a poster I saw when I was watching Sharkwater: Beneath the Surface in special features section of Sharkwater, and it was TERRIFIC!!

Rob Stewart is the director of Sharkwater and I think he's AMAZING 'cause he tries to save sharks and I think he's GREAT!

Rob was talking about future generations, the movie Sharkwater, and how sharks impact the environment.

"If we could change the way people view sharks then maybe they will fight for their protection. And if people will fight for their protection, then maybe they will survive on the planet a little longer. And if sharks survive on the planet a little longer, maybe the oceans will be healthier and if the oceans are healthier, humans can survive on the planet longer."

Sharkwater is the winner of 31 film awards.
See ya tomorrrow!


  1. Hello Oscar,

    my name is William and I am a deep-sea biologist at the Duke Marine Lab. I just want to say that I am very happy to see someone as young as you blogging and taking an interest in protecting sharks. Keep the shark facts coming as I will be following.

  2. Hi Oscar,
    What a brilliant guy you are. As a lover of sharks, I am beyond moved to see someone as young as you caring so much. I'll be following your blog from here in Halifax, Nova Scotia regularily!
    Keep writing!

  3. Thank you, I really appreciate your support! It means a lot to me.