Friday, March 11, 2011

My Birthday Wish.

Hi everyone! What are ya doing today?

My birthday is on Sunday and I'm gonna be 9. My birthday wish is that everybody would just stop bugging the sharks :(

I wish that everybody would stop fishing for shark, stop eating them and just leave them alone.


Today I read something that made me so sad and that is what I'm gonna write about today.

Look at this it's horrible and it is on

"The world's first detailed count of great white sharks has found surprisingly low numbers.

The count, which focused on great white sharks off Central California, determined that only 219 adults and juveniles exist in waters there.

Since this region is thought to support one of the largest populations of these sharks, the outlook for great whites elsewhere is now also grim.

The Red List, created by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources, currently classifies great white sharks as being "vulnerable."

In the future, the sharks could be classified as "endangered" or "critically endangered" if other counts support Chapple and his team's findings.

All species deserve a chance to survive — even if they're scary looking at times."

I think that's horrible because those are some of the most important sharks! When there's like some really disgisting stuff in the water, the GWS will go up to it - it can be fish, suits of armour, tires or garbage - and just eats it!

They're like a natural cleaning system!

IF the GWS are wiped out then the oceans would be polluted even MORE and that will go into our drinking water and the water supplies then we would be drinking SLOP.

Why do i care so much about sharks?

They're super important. Without sharks, this world would be nothing!! They lived even before the dinosaurs! So if you think about it, they're actually earth's most evolved creatures.

Well, that pretty much covers up everything for today. Good bye untill next weekend!

Remember Sharks aren't scary, they're just different!


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