Sunday, February 13, 2011

Oscar's Valentine blog

Hello my friends! Today I will talk about how likely shark attacks are and believe me they don't happen a lot.Well here is my blog for today.
"The odds of a shark attack are extremely small-only about one in twelve million."

" Every year around the world, about 60 shark attacks are reported.Very few of these attacks are fatal. When I was in grade two, I learned only three sharks are really dangerous,The bull shark,The great white shark and The tiger shark.But other shark species may attack if provoked or mistake people for food.Many shark experts believe that people's fear of sharks is much greater than the danger of sharks."
So don't be scared to go swimming, diving or other activities in the ocean, just check with local experts to see what is safe.
That's it for today's blog we'll see you next time!

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