Saturday, September 11, 2010

"Sharks need our protection"

Hi everyone I found something so cool that I think that you sould take a look too, its called Shark finning - Sea shepherd. I think its cool because the Sea Shepherd was in the movie Sharkwater and before they were saving the sharks, they were saving the whales. When I saw the Sea Shepherd in the movie, I thought it was cool because they helped Rob Stewart save the sharks.

Oh I sould tell you what a little about it.

"The position of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is that no sharks should be killed and should be given complete global protection under law. Sea Shepherd has long fought the practice of longlining and regularly confiscates illegal killer lines (and nets) from the oceans.

Protecting sharks is a more difficult job than protecting dolphins or seals. From the point of view of public relations, seals are cute and dolphins have that lovely natural smile. The shark, in contrast, shows its teeth and, hence, they look menacing.

However, dolphin lovers should know that fishermen kill and cut up dolphins for shark bait for their longline hooks.

I think this website is really neat but I think it is sad that long line fishermen are hurting two different species.

How do you think we can put an end to this?

I think we should take away their BOATS because then they won't have any way to get out onto the ocean! Paddle boats and sail boats aren't as fast as motor boats, and the sharks would just bite the little plastic rafts! So the long line fishermen would have NO CHOICE but to give it up!!

See you next weekend!

Remember, sharks aren't scary they are just different!!



  1. Oscar, I think you are a super cool kid. I saw the movie "the cove" this summer and it made me want to help ocean animals too. Great job!

  2. I can't believe that you are only 8. I mean, I want to believe that this is true but it is so hard.
    If it is so thank you for giving me hopes about future generations.
    You are a very cool kid and very driven. Never forget that all your dreams can be achieved if you work hard for it.
    Thank you and a big hug from Europe.

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  4. Hi Oscar, my name is Noah Pollock.
    I am the founder of the group Save Our Sharks From Some Soup. I think it is very good to see people of such a young age care about sharks, the youth of today is the future of tommorow, infact I myself am only 12! I would like to ask you personaly and anyone else to join my S.O.S group here on facebook! If you do ...decide to join [Oscar] I will make you one of the groups officers!

    Thank you and shark bless,
    Noah Pollock

  5. Hi Noah! I don't know what to say! I'd love to join but I'm not allowed to have a Facebook account. My mom manages my facebook page. I just tell her what to write. I will check out your group and blog about you!!

    Remember sharks aren't scary they are just different!

  6. Hi Elizabeth,
    Well it is very true that I am 8. Thank you for the comment. I've been sort of busy with school, lots of stuff. Yesterday I had 2 tests in the same day! One, science the other social. It's why I haven't been blogging. But I will!

    Thanks! Oscar